I’m Annabel Lee. I'm an Italian tempered, lipstick covered, hot blooded singer-songwriter from North Dighton, Massachusetts. A little less than a year ago, I uprooted my entire life, ( which was comfortable and relatively carefree ) packed up my car with every possession I had, ( mostly keyboards and jackets ), and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as an artist. I started writing and performing my songs when I was an unhinged little fourteen year old, and haven’t been able to stop myself since. In my travels I’ve been fortunate enough to work and support some remarkable acts. When I attended art school at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, I met punk-cabaret-queen, Amanda Palmer, and ended up hitting the road with her and Lady Lamb the Bee Keeper. Through that incredible tour I had a gin and tonic with an amazing stranger (who is now a dear friend, love you Larisa), and stumbled upon an opportunity to record a full album at Bon Iver’s recording studio in the woods of Wisconsin. Some of the most beautiful days I’ve ever had. After a few years of touring and performing that album, I began to recognize the seemingly low ceiling of Boston’s music scene, and felt cast out, and hungry for a change of scenery. Soon after discovering this, I began working on some sync work with the insanely talented Warren Cuccurullo, and was looking at a whole new kind of opportunity that I was beside myself to dive into. During the work, I was flown out to LA, and quickly realized that I was in the wrong city. Now I am living a gypsy-esque life out here in the Hollywood haze, playing and writing, collaborating and exploring, and all the time working toward something sassy. In ways I could be seen as a cheeky time bomb. This past year I have been recording a full album with my musical comrade, drummer, producer, creative monster, Michael McQuilken, and we are gearing up to release lots of music and art in the coming months. *SO EXCITED* Finally, my ultimate goal as an artist and writer is to empower you, and hit you where it’s tender, but don’t fret- we can hug it out after.